GNC to Launch PlantFuel® breakthrough, premium plant-based nutritional supplement brand


PlantFuel was developed by a former NFL athlete, plant-based enthusiast and industry veteran Brad Pyatt, and will be exclusively available in all GNC Stores nationwide in August

PlantFuel, the scientifically focused plant-based wellness company, today announced a significant milestone in its mission to help consumers rethink their nutritional solutions through a nationwide distribution agreement with leading retailer, GNC. The distribution agreement will launch in August 2021.

Trends demonstrate that health and wellness continues to become a larger priority for consumers, and they want to invest in solutions that will support their health journeys. This dynamic is further accelerated with consumers’ renewed interest in discovering the power and broad-reaching benefits of plant-based nutritional solutions during the pandemic. Specifically, consumers are focused on product solutions that fully unlock the proven, scientifically advanced plant-based ingredient options that enable fitness enthusiasts and everyday athletes to achieve peak performance with a focus on health and wellness optimization.

Enter PlantFuel, an all-new, premium Plant Fueled® nutritional supplement brand that aims to deliver the absolute best-possible products available, successfully bridging the gap between healthy, plant-based nutrition and peak performance – and that does so with eco-conscious and responsibly sourced packaging.

Josh Burris, Chief Executive Officer, GNC, commented, “PlantFuel’s commitment to create clinically proven plant-based nutrition that doesn’t compromise on performance and taste, while also utilizing eco-conscious packaging, is something that is increasingly relevant and important to consumers today.   As the global leader in providing high-quality and innovative supplement solutions, we are excited to enter into this exclusive distribution partnership with PlantFuel to bring GNC consumers new plant-based performance solutions to help them meet their goals.”

All PlantFuel products feature clinically proven, banned-substance tested ingredients to push athletes past their plateaus, without compromising on nutrition needs, performance output or flavor. These precise formulations were designed based on extensive and innovative research of plant-based ingredients, sourced from multiple leading ingredient suppliers, with efficacy and safety in mind.

The initial products to be featured on, as well as GNC retail locations include:

  • All-in-One Nutrition features 20g of complete plant-based protein plus 29 fruits and vegetables, as well as clinically studied Wellmune® beta glucan for immune system health to provide you with complete nutrition on the go. The initial flavor offerings include Chocolate and Vanilla.
  • Performance Protein delivers 20g of complete, plant-fueled protein with added vegan-fermented BCAAs as InstAminos® and PeakO2® performance mushrooms. The initial flavor offerings include Chocolate and Vanilla.
  • All-in-One Pre-Workout uniquely features patented 3DPump -Breakthrough™ with vegan-fermented citrulline, glycerol and Amla fruit extract to support exercise performance, recovery and nitric oxide; along with 250mg of Purcaf® Organic Caffeine plus 85mg of Dynamine® to increase perceived energy and alertness. The initial flavor offerings include Fruit Punch, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. 
  • All-in-One Recovery provides vegan fermented BCAAs as InstAminos® with essential amino acids as vegan Amino9® plus vegan CreaPure® Creatine and BetaPrime® to reduce soreness and recovery time, and optimize muscle protein synthesis. The initial flavor offerings include Blood Orange and Berry Breeze.
  • Daily Immunity + Hydration features clinically proven ingredients Wellmune® to strengthen the immune system, and Aquamin™ calcified sea algae to provide superior hydration benefits. PlantFuel® Daily Immunity + Hydration is the proven choice to fuel your daily active lifestyle. The initial flavor offerings include Citrus Burst, Tropical Punch and Raspberry Lemonade.

“GNC is coming back in a big way and has always been the leader in nutritional supplement innovation for up-and-coming brands, which ultimately sets the tone for the category within the marketplace. We’re proud to be able to work with a great partner like GNC to introduce exciting, new plant-based innovations that deliver on our brand promise to be good for the body and good for the planet,” said Brad Pyatt, PlantFuel founder.

GNC has more than 2,300 locations across the United States. PlantFuel will be available online and in stores in August, and will roll out additional, unique innovations at GNC in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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